The rapid adoption of mobile services and solutions has been driven by the “perfect storm” of hardware, software, connectivity, business challenges and consumer demand. Here are five compelling trends that have combined to accelerate the adoption of mobility and mobile working.


Technology has become an integral part of everyday life. Business users are also consumers and they are using mobile devices in all aspects of their day-to-day activity; from social media to online shopping, email, video capture and gaming.

Mobile devices are more user-friendly; interfaces are intuitive, customisable and consistent. As a result, the consumer experience is having a significant impact on what users expect from their business applications.


As technology has come to dominate business processes, workers need constant access to data and applications if they are to work effectively. Users have come to demand access to information anywhere, any time and on any device.

Business users also depend on real-time communication to facilitate collaboration, speed up decision making and deliver an excellent customer experience. Mobile devices, flexible working and cloud-enabled computing allow users to operate as a part of a team, wherever they are.


Convenience, flexibility and performance are key features of mobile computing. Instant-on devices and cloud-based services put the user at the heart of the process. Desktop virtualisation and bespoke business apps are replacing traditional, feature-heavy business applications.

As users become more mobile, they become increasingly frustrated with traditional IT. Mobility provides the flexibility, efficiency and convenience that modern users demand from their technology.


As businesses continue on their journey to the Cloud, processes become more data-driven and device-independent. Public, private or hybrid Cloud infrastructures are being used to deliver business essentials such as email.

Collaboration, Office 365, CRM and file synch and share applications are not device-driven. Users are able to exploit the inherent benefits of Cloud services on their device of choice; making mobile not only a viable option, but the most effective.


Competition amongst mobile device and platform providers continues to drive quality up and prices down. Screen resolution, processing power, battery life and security continue to improve and with most devices in the workplace becoming user-owned, the fixed costs of provisioning and replacing devices is being eliminated from the business, allowing IT to spend Op Ex on device and application management.

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