Charity Marketplace

Charity marketplace was conceived by NCVO’s Trusted Suppliers. NCVO has supported the development of Charity Marketplace as a site that can provide additional exposure for the Trusted Suppliers and gives them a platform to cross refer their clients to other Trusted Suppliers.

Trusted Suppliers are carefully selected by NCVO to provide an extensive range of specialist products and services that can save your organisation time and money and help you deliver the results you want. They offer exceptional value, provide outstanding quality and have a wealth of experience working with voluntary organisations. The performance of the Trusted Suppliers and their reputation in the sector is very important to NCVO, so you can be sure you are dealing with good quality suppliers who are committed to providing you with great service, in addition each supplier has signed NCVO’s Code of Conduct, and they are subject to regular reviews by NCVO to ensure they maintain their trusted standard.

Each supplier has agreed to give away something free of charge to users of this site, so you should find lots of useful information to download on the individual suppliers pages.

Many of the suppliers also have special discounts and offers that are exclusively available to NCVO
member organisations. Find out more about NCVO membership and contact the individual suppliers to find out about any exclusive member discounts.


Powered by PRE Creative Studios

PRE Creative Studios is a design and digital services agency based in Epsom. We have been working for charities for many years, including World Vision, SeeAbility, Dyslexia Action and HopeHIV and also with CaSE Insurance, one of NCVO’s Trusted Suppliers.

CaSE asked us if we would help them work out a way of improving cross referrals between the Trusted Suppliers. So we created the Charity Marketplace website and we will act as the focal point for its continuing development.

We are delighted to be supporting the NCVO Trusted Suppliers through the development of this site and it would be really good to talk to you about any branding or online issues, please call us on 020 3174 0714 or contact us via our website

Our Skills

Graphic Design 95
Website Design 90
Branding 90
Print design 95